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 ‎”If you look closely at this new musical trend – which includes young, pretty, mostly white women singing the praises of drunken debauchery and questionable sex acts (“Questionable” because of the circumstances surrounding them, not because of the acts themselves.) what you notice is that the “empowerment” that it is selling (that women have gained sexual equality with men) might not be so empowering” - Social Action Rep Melissa Fabello 

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Women have been more prominent than ever at this year’s American political conventions. From Condoleeza Rice to Elizabeth Warren, the past two weeks have been dominated by impressive speeches from impressive women. Though women still comprise only 17% of Congress in the US, the powerful representation at the conventions makes us hopeful that the numbers will continue to increase in the coming years! But it’s not just political speeches which have us excited about the future - it’s you.

Over the past few weeks we’ve received an unbelievable response to our call for campaign ideas. From starting film festivals for girls to creating leadership conferences for women, people around the world have sent us inspiring messages about how they are committed to changing the representation of women and girls in our culture.We’ve sifted through all the ideas and found a few, listed below, which we felt resonated most with the mission of Now it’s up to you to help us make the final decision!

  • Only 30% of children’s books have female protagonists. Let’s petition a major publisher of children’s books to pledge to include more female lead characters in their books this year! (from Maya M.)
  • "Fresh Face Friday" - Let’s create an International Day of no makeup to spark conversation and action around how to better value the internal beauty of all women and girls. (from Shea B.)
  • In response to recent misunderstandings, let’s launch a campaign to pressure mainstream media to further educate the American public on the seriousness of rape around the world. (from Camille T.)

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Tomorrow is the last day of the campaign! Please join us in challenging the distorted representations of beauty in magazines!